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Brian & Christen Humphreys

My wife and I moved to Little Rock from an assignment in Europe. Because of the situation we were in, we wanted to find a house and move in as quickly as possible. Jennifer was an immense help in getting us to that goal. Just three days after we arrived in Little Rock, we were already out and about with Jennifer touring houses. We saw several good houses and then came across one that seemed like a clear choice. Jennifer still took us to a few more houses so we could be sure, giving us additional information about the neighborhoods we were in at each house. We decided to put in an offer on our house, which she helped us do that same night. Jennifer guided us through the negotiation process very professionally, explaining each step in the process, providing us the information we needed, and then letting us make the final decision on what to offer and counteroffer. She helped us set a move-in date that was as soon as possible, and then pushed the process along to actually get us in the house by our move-in date. One of the things we especially appreciated was the fact that we were never aware of her other clients…it always seemed like we were the only ones she was dealing with because she kept us so well-informed and it never seemed like we had to work around her schedule. We certainly felt taken care of, which was especially important for us as first-time home buyers.


Jennifer is very tireless in her quest to sell your home. She has the right team and tools to get your home seen by many potential buyers and she follows up on leads to find out if they are interested.. She does not forget about you no matter how big or small your house is and even after the sale she keeps in touch… Highly recommend her for anyone’s real estate agent.

Mark & Pauline

We were in a time crunch (to purchase a home and in my professional life). Jennifer was exceptional at working with my schedule and showed me many homes. Her professional knowledge is second to none. We highly recommend her and encourage contacting her before you start your home search or home sale’s process. She’s the best.